Hello! We are
Rare Vinyl Co.

And here’s our first product…
a simple yet durable piece of design.

We are Rare Vinyl Co, and we love vinyl

We believe that vinyl records are rare pieces of history that we love to collect and also enjoy, but also for us, it represents a piece of history.

The concept for the vinyl record holder came out of our passion for music and vinyl records, and because we had a lot of records laying around it in cheap DIY shelving units. 

But, records are one of our most prized possessions that need to be displayed in a cool way in our homes, in a design-made shelf, welded out of pure steel, that will last us a lifetime.

Our mission is to make your love for vinyl records grow, by providing an elegant and simple way of storing you records.

Listening to records it’s a meditative ritual, it demands focus, and attention and it forces us to wind down completely, and having an elegant yet simple way of displaying the records is available now.

How Rare Vinyl Co. came to life

Client Stories

Kevin W.

“I’ve been looking for the perfect record holder with a unique look and durability.. and I have to say I found the one! this adds the best touch to my music room. Shipping was extremely fast got it even sooner than I expected and was packaged nicely. Hands down the best!”